Panglobe can assist its clients in the opening and management of corporate bank accounts with a number of reputable banks world-wide.  Our services include facilitating the entire bank account opening procedure, as well as overall management of the bank account(s).

For your ease of reference, we include hereunder a list of the documentation required in the opening of a bank account by a Cyprus registered company or for a company registered in foreign jurisdictions.

  1. Certificate of Incorporation / Registration
  2. Certificate of Registered Office
  3. Certificate of Good Standing for companies registered abroad if over two years old
  4. Certificate of Directors & Secretary or Minutes of the Subscribers appointing the initial directors and all minutes by the board of directors leading to the current status of the company
  5. Certificate of Shareholders
  6. Memorandum & Articles of Association
  7. Declaration(s) of Trust / Trust Deed(s) between the beneficial owner(s) and the registered shareholder(s) acting as nominees (if applicable)
  8. Ownership / group structure leading to the ultimate beneficial owner(s) (diagrammatical or otherwise)
  9. Proof of business address of Group Principal Trading Offices
  10. Duly certified copies of the passports of the ultimate beneficial owner(s)
  11. Proof of residential address of the ultimate beneficial owner(s)
  12. Curriculum vitae of the ultimate beneficial owner(s)

*It should be noted that the all banks may at their own discretion request additional information and/or documentation otherwise not noted above.